Headboard FAQ

How to Mount the Panels
The panels are sent in various sections. To join them back together you will need a Phillips screwdriver.
Included with most of our large panels are -
  1. Two wooden support strips for joining the various sections together from the top and bottom.
  2. Two metal wall hook and brackets.       
  3. Screws for attaching the supporting strips to the back of the panel



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  • To join the panel you must put the panels facing down in the correct order and align the carving from the back.
  • Once the panel is in line you must screw the wooden joining strips (best to put 2 screws on the top and bottom of each section)

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  • If you are going to hang the panel then we supply the metal adjustable brackets (one on each end of the top of the panel) which hook in to the two support brackets put on your wall.
  • You can adjust the height with the small screw from the top.
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The larger panels also look great simply standing against the wall